Chef Nicolas Decloedt

Chef Nicolas Decloedt
Brussels (Belgium)

Cape Town | 12-17 October
Bloemfontein |19-21 October

Trained in some of the finest restaurants in Europe, Chef Nicolas Decloedt has learned a style of vegetarian cooking that is based on a passion for the finest produce and foraged edibles. That passion also includes inspiring diners to question their relationship with food and where it comes from.

He is the founder of the Brussels food collective Humus Botanical Gastronomy, and is currently overseeing the kitchen at Eat Love in Ghent.

Through honoring the food, the producers and technique, Chef Decloedt seeks to find the place where roughness and aesthetics meet.


When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
12 years ago. But I love cooking, even when I was a child.

What was the worst meal you've made and for whom?
Totally banned that idea. Too many times this happened.

What’s your favourite dish?
Mashed potatoes with leeks

Sweet or savoury?

Breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner?

What’s your favourite / most hated vegetables?
Asparagus and leeks are my favourites. Most hated: Industrial grown tasteless vegs

What's your favourite music to cook by?
Sonic Youth, Miles Davis and Billy Holiday

What would be your favourite destination/country for culinary experience?

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?
Lemon thyme

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