Chef Hugo Snyman

De Kloof Restaurant, Pretoria

After growing up in Birchleigh Kempton Park and matriculating from Jeugland Hoerskool, in 2002.I began my culinary career at the age of 19, working at Terrior as a griller. From there I moved on to Barnyard Barsarie, as saucier specialising in sauces and hot garnishes. Then did a stint - in the beautiful wine region(Cape Town). Always looking for opportunities to learn and grow in my craft, I relocated to Nelspruit as Executive Chef. Recently I accepted the position as Executive Chef at De Kloof Restaurant, this is now my new home and is excited to bring my experience in sustainable cuisine to the local residents and tourists who will be visiting us in the future.


When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
From a very early age, I always played around in the kitchen with my Grandmother and then already started changing recipes’.

What was the worst meal you've made and for whom?
Probably my attempt to make “biltong pap” for myself, that went horribly wrong.

What’s your favourite dish?
My mother’s traditional Afrikaans home cooked meals.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner?
Snacks, snacks…… snacks!!!!!

What’s your favourite / most hated vegetables?
Most hated - Cauliflower & Broccoli
Favourite – Gem Squash

Sweet or savoury?

What's your favourite music to cook by?
Pink Floyd

What would be your favourite destination/country for culinary experience?
Most/all Asian countries

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?
Local free range, grass fed meat produce, we recently launched a new menu item that includes crispy sheep’s head, cheeck, tongue and brain……